Friday, September 30, 2011

International Pole Camp 4!

Two weekends ago was the Fourth Annual International Pole Camp. IPC for short. I have gone every year and wouldn't miss it.
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The first year I attended I had been dancing for about 4 months. I was nervous and scared, but figured what did I have to lose. I gained so much knowledge that first year it makes me incredibly happy to think of how many people get the same experience I did.
Going into this weekend I was thinking I wouldn't learn a whole lot. My wrist has been really bugging me and I haven't touched a pole (other than teaching) since April(? I'm guessing that's how long it's been, might have been May). Having not been practicing at all, I wasn't sure how much I was going to learn. I learned a lot for a short period of time. I learned some limits, some strengths and made some new friends, and rekindled with old ones.

Here's a run down of the weekend:

Thursday, Day 1: I didn't particpate this day. I was working, and then needed a night with my husband before I abandoned him for the weekend.

Friday, Day 2: Worked day job and then headed to the hotel to take care of registrations for people coming to the banquet and out on the pole crawl. (Like a pub crawl, but better... we have poles). We had a wonderful dinner, introduced ourselves to the whole group and then went out on the town. Two buses with poles in them picked us all up, we headed to a bar where two stages were set up for us, and we spent the night playing and dancing. I left early enough that I could get some rest for the day coming.
Saturday, Day 3: Morning was spent checking people in to their various workshops and taking one myself. We had the lovely Jamilla Deville as our guest instructor this year. What an honour to take a class from her!!
I spent the afternoon helping people out with moves I already knew how to do and imparting knowledge. Have the fun is sharing what you know and watching someone's face light up when they get a new move.
During the evening, we went back the hotel and had another dinner, door prizes and awards.
I have now gotten 2 trophies that say "Best Booty Shaker" All because I don't mind making an idiot out of myself at the bar

Sunday, Day 4: I learned 5 new moves on the last day of camp. WOOhOO!! I had a great time hanging out with friends, learning and teaching. It was a great end to the wonderful weekend. Can't wait for next year!

Here are pics of 3 of the moves I learned
The Q

Top Handed Viva