Monday, August 31, 2009

Big News!!!

I know a few of my followers will already have read this several other places, or heard from me directly, but I wanted to post it here.


My boyfriend and I went out on his motorbike to a lake just south of the city. We had lunch like we normally would on one of these little day trips, took pictures (like normal) but it ended much different from all the other day trips.  We ended up sitting near the river and he popped the question :D
He didn't get all the way through his speech when before I was in tears and had said "yes".

There is no date set yet. Just enjoying this period of the whole wedding thing.

So now I have a question to pose my blog followers:
  • Do I keep this blog for fitness only?
  • Do I create a new blog just for the wedding?
  • Do I combine them into this current blog as they might tie in together?
Let me know what you think!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

RealAge test

I was reading a fellow blogger's latest entry and found a neat test. It's called the RealAge test. I thought I'd take a crack at it to see what age I really am.

After about 10 minutes, I have my answer. According to the RealAge test, I am 18. (Calendar age is 24.5) The results of each category are broken up into 'things that make you younger' and 'things that make you older'. Here are a few tidbits of what they gave me for +/- in each category.
  • I floss and brush my teeth (+)
  • I have headaches often (-)
  • I have heartburn and take meds for it (-)


  • I drive within the speed limits (+)
  • I always wear a seat belt (+)
  • My car is too small (-) Ya! upgrade to an SUV?


  • I'm in a healthy relationship (+) love you sweetie!
  • I need a furry friend (-) Guess I need a dog sooner rather than later :D
  • I had a stressful life event (-) I'd say moving into a new home was a good thing. A little stress around it with all the trips and vacations that seemed to coincide with the move.


  • I need to take a multi-vitamin (-) i know i know....
  • I have a good mix of foods (+)
  • I eat breakfast daily (+) wouldn't make it to work if I didn't
  • More fish, fruit, veggies (-)


  • I strength build, do cardio, stretch (+)
  • Maintain current weight (+)
  • Need to add more cardio activity(-) this doesn't take into account that pole is both strength and cardio all wrapped into one fun package

So if I eat healthier, get a dog and keep doing everything else like I am, I could feel like a teenager! Hm. I don't know about this. As long as it's just in health. I wouldn't want all the awkwardness and immaturity to come with that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting out of that funk

I've been on a blogging haitus for 2 weeks. Just didn't feel much like blogging for sympathy. I'm still unable to pole and lift weights, but I'm starting to get back to exercise.

With the beautiful weather, I've begun going roller blading with my boyfriend. We have wonderful trails near us that are all smooth pavement. I'm not as shakey on wheels like I used to be. I get a fabulous leg/butt workout and get my cardio in. Going right after work is great. I get a half hour cardio/leg workout in and then have the whole evening to relax.

On top of rollerblading, I set a goal for myself to work on getting my splits by the end of September. This goal was set at the beginning of June and I'm not there yet. I also wasn't working very hard at it. Now, I've set my mind to stretching while watching tv every night. I've managed to come a long ways in just over a week.

I attempted to play softball with the community beer league, and as fun as it was, my shoulder and wrist can't take it. I played one night and went to physio the next day (the appointment was booked long before) and realized I don't need to through another injury into the mix.

So I'm finally pulling myself out of that funk that had me depressed for a while. I still can't pole because of my wrist, but I can at least get some exercise and feel healthier.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm completely lost. Since I injured my wrist and am not supposed to lift myself or anything of significant weight with my right hand. That means I can't pole (boo!!!) which is driving me crazy. I can't do much yoga, or at least at my regular class since every class involves more downward dog than I'd like and my arms can handle. I'm supposed to start bootcamp in 2 weeks, but I still haven't signed up. I'm afraid that doing bootcamp will cause me to lose too much weight. I'm the kind of person that needs everything she has. Losing any weight wouldn't be a good thing. I'm quite thin enough and with 12% body fat, there's not much lower I'd want to go without getting into health risks.

My plan this week was to work on my cardio by rollerblading or jogging. I don't do a lot of that other than intervals. It has been POURING for 4 days. We got home monday and it has rained for the majority of every day since. Depressing!! It's also cold. My thermometer says 10 - 13C every morning and it doesn't warm up much past that. So plans for cardio outside are out the window and I just can't bring myself up to the gym to run on a treadmill. Not motivated enough to stair out a window at the gloomy sky.

I also had planned to be working on getting my splits. That hasn't exactly happened. I do stretch, just not to the extent that would get me to my goal. I'm not pushing myself to get off the couch and stretch every night. Laziness has set it while I wallow in self pity.

My eating habits are going down the drain. I guess my mind feels that since I'm not working my body, I don't need to watch what I eat, when in fact it's the exact opposite.

I need something to pull me out of this funk. I thought bootcamp or yoga in the park would do it, but that's not the case. I'm afraid of weight loss with bootcamp and I fear yoga will be too hard on my wrists (at least this particular type of yoga).

Any ideas?? Oh, and I suck at swimming, so please don't suggest that. haha (that comment is for Chowsr)