Monday, September 28, 2009

Surprising Kelowna

This past weekend was a surprise to my friend Jess. Her FI and I planned out the whole weekend.
I would arrive on Thursday and go golfing with him. Then it would be a surprise to walk into their house.
That sort of worked. She kind of figured it out before I got to her house, but that's alright.

Thursday night was dinner out at a fabulous restaurant. Martini's abound made from fruit puree... yummy. I got to see their house for the first time. And just to prove how much of a polejunkie I really am, I sized up the living room for height and swing space without even thinking about it.

Friday was a lounge around day.  The 3 of us headed out to a few wineries and did some tasting. That was a blast. I bought two bottles of wine to bring back with me. Jess had to work for a few hours in the afternoon, so I wandered around downtown Kelowna and did the touristy things.  I got a lot of looks, and was later told that tourist season is actually over, so that's why people were looking at me funny. I even popped into a bridal shop and tried on a few things. SO FUN! I did not find 'the dress', which I'm happy about. That's meant to be found with people around.

Saturday was spa day. I had booked Jess and I in for 4 hours at The Delta Grand Spa. We started with a steam room, then moved onto an hour massage. Next was a pedicure (oh pretty toes!), followed by lunch. We spent some time after we ate lunch out on the patio in the bright sunshine.  Last treatment was a facial. I fell asleep in parts of it. Very relaxing. Sicne we ended and still had sometime left on our parking meter, we dipped into the hot tub and melted like butter even more than we already were.
We then proceeded to go to another winery, rent some movies and buy clothing at American Apparel. She has a love for funky clothes and booty shorts for Roller Derby. I have the same love, but for pole. It was a win-win.

Sunday it was time to fly me home. I jumped on my flight and arrived at the airport to a large bouquet of pink daisies. (I love my huney!!)

It was a good weekend. Relaxing and fun.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

IPC 2009.... I survived

I barely survived. I am in pain today, but it was all self-inflicted and worth it. As pole dancers, we are accomstomed to have some pain with nailing that new move. We are used to the fact that after a hard day of poling we will be rendered useless for a few days while our bruises heal. After learning so many new things, it's hard to let the body rest since you're so looking forward to getting back on the pole and showing off ones new mvoes.

My FI says my word of the weekend was 'wow'. As it should have been. I got to meet Jenyne Butterfly and see her dance. That in itself was worth the weekend. She is absolutely gorgeous and I've never seen anyone move the way she does. Every move flows into the next with such grace I could only dream of achieving. She is truly an inspiration.

Friday night we headed for dinner at the hotel and met a lot of new people. We then headed onto the bus with poles in it to take us first to the Roadhouse, and then to the Whiskey.

Saturday was Day 1 of studio time I managed to learn how to go from Basic Inverto to Butterfly to Flatline Scorpio.  It needs a lot of work, but I have the basics. Just need to practice it a ton. Saturday night we spent eating at the hotel again, and going out to the same bars, on the same bus. I actually got myself up on the poles at the Whiskey and had a blast showing off new things I had learned. I even won the "Greatest Rump Shaker" Award for a stint of dancing with some of the girls. HAHA It's a cute little trophy I will put up in my pole room.

Sunday came around and it was a busy, sore day. I was lucky enough to book myself in for a workshop with Jenyne. I took the Basic Invert workshop Sunday morning. I learned 4 new moves. I managed to get 3 down, and will have to wait until I'm stronger for the third.  I learned the Vixen and it's several dismounts. I learned the Jasmine and how to transition from it to the Superwoman (superman, how ever you want to name it). I learned the side climb, which has resulted in a nice bruise over my baby toe. I attempted to learn the Teddy, but to no avail. I'm not strong enough to get there just yet.

After having some lunch, I came back to the studio for pole play. I learned how to go from Gemini to Starfish to Superwoman. I had tried to learn that move last year at IPC2008 and couldn't get it. Success! I also learned how to do a headstand into a cross-leg release to pull myself up off the floor. Something new I hadn't seen before. I also learned the Pretzel spin.  It very awkward to learn, but it looks very cool once it's polished. The problem now lies in how to gracefully get out of it once you're got your feet on the floor.

I have a notebook now listing all the things I learned with details on how to do each move. I have a future list of things I want to learn. I also made a list of body conditioning moves that will help increase my strength and push me to that next level.  I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Till next year!! I hope there is a next year for sure.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

IPC 2009 - International Pole Camp

You read that correctly. Just like any other sport, pole has a camp too. Put on by PoleJunkies here in Calgary, it's an amazing opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and let loose.
The weekend consists of the following:
  • Dinner
  • Pole Crawl to bars with poles, on a bus with poles in it. (It's awesome!!)
  • Studio time! 4 hours of poling in a studio with 40+ other gals (and guys, yes guys pole too)
  • Dinner
  • Pole Crawl
  • Studio time - 1 hr Workshops with a well known pole dancer (Jenyne Butterfly!!)
  • Studio time with all the attendants again
It's such a fun weekend. We all leave bruised, battered and with more friends. We learn new things, have a chance to try things out with encouragement from people you just met with the same love and passion for pole. I'm ecstatic that this is the second year I get to go.  I had my calendar booked off for this weekend since last year when I found out it was coming again.

I'll post a recap next week after I've slept and recovered from all the craziness and fun this weekend.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cross Leg Release And Grace

Pole class last night was great. I learned how to protect my muscles while doing a gemini, gracefully do a split grip invert to Apprentice and how to do the cross-leg release.

I had learned the do the gemini when I took semi-private lessons with Polejunkies. In class last night was the second time I learned it, and there was still more things to think about. Correct body positioning, how to get there properly without banging your calf muscle on the pole and how to place your arm to stablize the hold. After being able to do the move since last year, I still learned something new.  Goes to show pole is ever evolving and I'll never have a move down pat no matter how long I've known how to do it.

A new trick I picked up on doing a split grip invert to apprentice is to think of it as a craddle spin (crouch spin?) It helps to get ones body in the right position so you're not wrenching your shoulder and causing injury. And, it makes it easier to hoist your foot up. Adds a little grace, which is always a good thing.

Then came the cross-leg release. I remember learning the cross-knee release and having bruises and pain for a while after. This one is no exception, the bruises and pain are just in a slightly different spot. I dug out a crash mat at the studio because I'm a chicken and don't trust my legs to hold me on the first try. Turns out I didn't need it since I got it twice in a row (yah me!) Managed to get both hands off the pole into the final pose. Definately a work in progress since I have to walk my hands down and release them one at a time, but certainly an accomplishment for not expecting to learn that one.

It was a very successful class and I'm stoked that I have some new things to learn and go from while at IPC (International Pole Camp) this weekend. I'll post more on that this week.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Strange Experience

I had a very strange experience this weekend. My fiance's parents came to stay with us this weekend to see our new house. I'm always nervous when new people come and I haven't been open to them about my pole dancing.
My FI's (fiance's) mom had heard from her sister that I pole dance, so she was very interested in seeing it. During the tour of our house, we got to the basement, which is usually where I get very nervous when 'first timers' see the shiney metal pole in the middle of the floor.  She thought it was very cool and asked if I'd show her some things later. I reluctantly agreed because I'm never sure where people stand on their opinions on pole dance.
Saturday night we got home from golf and she asked again if she could see what I do.  It was wonderful!! both my FI's parents were completely shocked and awed by the things I could do.  They both kept saying how hard it must be and the strength one needs.  She thanked me for showing her what I have learned and said it has changed how she sees it. She was a little unsure of the whole concept, but now has respect for the fitness level you need to do spins and inverts. Both FI's mom and dad tried a few things and found it very tough.  It was very fun for both myself and my FI to show what we can do.
I'm very happy that I got over some fear and showed her. It was a good experience and nice to know that I'm still in her good books :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Decision about the blog made

After chatting with a friend of mine about this blog, she made some good points on whether or not I start a new blog dedicated just to wedding stuff, or continue to mix everything into this one.

For efficiency purposes and ease of blogging, I'm going to stick to putting things in this one.  Although the blog was started to be solely dedicated to fitness, I don't feel I have enough to make it worth while. With all the injuries I manage to adopt, and not having a program to follow, I think it would be better suited to encompass all parts of my life, part of which is fitness.

So, for those that are strictly reading this for pole/fitness purposes, my apologies for the extra fluff. For those that are reading it for the Chic Geek life experience... here we go!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to pole.... again

I started Level 5 this week!!
I have been off the pole for a little over a month now and happy to be getting back to it.  I know now after lifting weights and injuring myself, I will be extra careful with my body and listen to it more closely.

After each session I will be stretching, icing and heating my forearms so they are ready to go for the week.
Once I am done level 5 I plan to have a photographer (co-worker/friend) come and take some photos of me. I should have some new moves that will look absolutely fabulous in photographs. That's over 6 weeks away still, but something to look forward to as an accomplishment to completing a level.

We've started learning the split grip invert which is harder than I thought.  I can get myself up, I'm just scared of hurting myself again.  I never realized how fragile my wrists were until I started diving into fitness. I'm happy to say I can now comfortably (if that even exists in pole) do the 'Apprentice' and the 'Hero'. Releasing that top arm on the Hero is a little nerve wracking, but I managed to do it several times just so I knew it wasn't a fluke.

Our homework assignment (yes we get those now) is to work on the dismount from an invert. I'm not very graceful coming out of an inverted crucifix. My feet slam down on the floor with a 'thump-thump'... and that's with barefeet. I can't imagine what sort of racket it would make with heels on.