The Furchildren

Meet our fur babies

Beta - our first
Beta was born on a native reserve near the city I live in. She was rescued from a backyard with her brother. The rescue agency took her, put her in a foster home and she was put up for adoption. We adopted her into our family February 19th, 2010. She was 2.5 months old. Her approximate birthday is December 1st, 2009.

2.5 Months
4 Months
Taylor - our second
Frenchie and I went back and forth about getting a second dog. We were never really convinced that 2 would be better or more work than one so we left it. A friend of ours was leaving the country and needed a good home for her dog. When the opportunity came, we discussed it, had a few puppy play dates and fell in love. Taylor is 4 years old, born August 7, 2008. We welcomed her to our family officially January 10, 2013.