About Me

I am a geek at heart.
I have a computer science degree, my fitness certification. Computers thrill me, frustrate me and keep me in touch with everyone I know. I would rather spend time watching movies, playing games of all sorts than shopping and having 'girl talk'.

I am a fitness fanatic.
On top of all the geekiness, I enjoy ballet, belly dancing, pole dancing, bike riding, working out with whatever new program strikes my fancy. I'll try anything that seems fun because fitness is forever evolving.

I am a newlywed
We were married June 18, 2011. I am so happy and thankful to share my life with Frenchie.

I am a book-lover.
I find reading to be calming and an escape from reality. I'll read anything from young adult to very adult and everything in between. I have met some of my favorite people through books, and not just the characters. My fellow book nerds are a great resource for recommendations, and to chat about what we love and hate.

I'm an Independent Epicure Consultant
I have parties with friends, family and strangers and serve them delicious food. I sell the products and help others find a love for cooking that I have.

I'm a piano teacher
I love music and wanted a business I could do from home. Piano is a wonderful skill and I am thankful to be able to teach and share that with others.