Thursday, December 13, 2012

Traditions - Christmas Day

Christmas morning is utter chaos and I love it. There is nothing better than waking up to someone squealing "SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME!!". I could do without the dogs and kids jumping on us to get up quick, but you can't help but smile and the wonder.

Christmas Day Traditions: 
Stockings are opened as soon as we all get up. When we get up is all dependent on kids.
Santa gifts come next.
Breakfast is always a full meal. Not sure what we will be making this year, but bacon is a must.
After breakfast we open up the rest of our gifts.
The last 2 years we have tried to save money around the holidays and my family has since decided that we would draw names for Secret Santa. Each adult in the family draws one name. That person gets roughly a $100 gift for the their SS. Rather than buying a bunch of $25 - $30 gifts for every person, we go all out for one. It's fun and has worked well. The children all get a gift from us, since Christmas is more about them now.
We are still working on his side of the family to get them to agree to this as well. Sadly, there are a few that don't want to buy gifts for those that aren't there. I get that. This year it seems to have worked out that way.
We have purchased gifts for his parents and his nephews and niece.
Christmas Dinner is always classic turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We have wine, music and end up playing with all the fun toys or board games that we get.


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