Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Motivation still hasn't kicked in.

Well, I'm two weeks into my next fitbook and I've missed one workout. Missing one completely doesn't sound so bad, but the ones I did get to, weren't done full-out. I'm finding myself at an impass. My lunges (of varying sorts) are the portion where I'm stuck. Typically I hold a dumbbell in each hand and do the exercise. At this point, 20lbs in each hand is the heaviest I can do. Not because my legs won't push more, but because my wrists are too weak to carry any more.
Its frustrating. I have a few options.

Option 1: Keep using the same weights for the next 6 weeks.
Option 2: Try using the smith machine for my static lunges (split squats).
Option 3: Cut out lunges all together and replace it with more leg work elsewhere

On Wednesday, I'm going to try and use Option 2. I'd like to see if it will work. I anticipate that it will since I'm not lunging back and forth. The 'lunges' are split squats so I should be alright with this modification.

I might start roller blading to get a better leg workout and cardio in all at once. We'll see how that goes. Perhaps a go at it this weekend