Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Happiness Project - Get Serious About Play

Get Serious about play.
June is about enjoying life. Getting out of my comfort zone.
I'm a routine person and have my life planned out in a lot of detail. It makes sense to me to have plans. But sometimes those plans don't work out and that is a stress for me. Rather than focus on the plans as "written in stone" I need to see things more fluidly. Our trip this month will be perfect for that. Just go with the flow. Enjoy each day. In some cases, just make it through each day and start again tomorrow.

Live in the moment

  • Stop looking at the future
  • Make a plan and forget about it until later. 
  • Live TODAY

Find more fun

  • Stop doing things that just aren't fun out of obligation. 
  • Find those things I have fun doing, and do them more
    • board games, cards, movies, reading, french, dancing

Go off the path

  • Try new foods, new places
  • France!!
  • Buy a french book to read
  • Change the routine