Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Happiness Project - Buy Some Happiness

August is all about buying some happiness.
Money doesn't always buy happiness, true deep and meaningful happiness. The kind that warms your heart for years and you can relive through memories. Money can buy vacations and excursions and those memories are definitely worth buying. Money can buy you temporary happiness in the form of a new object, clothes, etc.

Frenchie and I like to save our money and spend it when it means something. We saved for a long time to go to France and make memories. Do we never buy anything that is just a big expense for a temporary elation? Of course we do! And this month is a great one for me to "buy some happiness"

Indulge in a modest splurge

  • Buy something that is just for me. 
    • Spend a little on upgrading my pens, highlighters and study area. 
    • Buy pictures from the photographer we had done of our family.

Buy needful things

  • Am I an overbuyer or an underbuyer?
    • I'm in the middle. But there are some things that would be nice to have and make life a little easier or a little more enjoyable

Spend Out

  • Use up those things I've been saving for a "rainy day"
  • Start using the nicer things

Give something up

  • I haven't decided what to give up just yet. Because I don't overbuy, I don't tend to make those purchases I will regret as soon as I'm home.