Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Unintentional Forgetfullness August/September

It's been such a crazy couple months I almost forgot about my blog.
Life has been busy with lots of changes, ups and downs.

August Recap
Things hit rock bottom in August ending with me on anti-depressants and stress leave. My mental health is definitely on the mend now, but I'm no where near 100%. It's been a long couple months of healing and trying to pick up all the pieces.
My Happiness Project took a backseat to health and wellness. As did organizing the house and exercising.
I did manage to read a couple books for school, and I will try and get some of those reviews up.

September Recap
September has been busier than August and I can't believe it's the end of the month already!
I have 10 students for piano this year which is more than last year. I was a little worried when I lost 3 of my students this summer due to them moving, but I was pleasantly surprised with all my new students. It's so much fun teaching and although I'm busier than last year, I love every minute of it.
I have gotten 2 more tests back with my Natural Nutrition diploma. A 91% and a 95%! I am enjoying the learning process so much.
I haven't been great at the Happiness Project this month either but things are looking up.