Monday, October 28, 2013

Been too long

I seem to keep forgetting I have this blog. Things have been so crazy busy with life!
I also haven't read a "fun" book in months. Everything I read is either school related or bible study. I'm itching to read something but I have other things that are a priority.

Something exciting has happened in the last few months and I'm finally able to share. Frenchie and I are expecting our first child! I am 13 weeks today and feeling amazing. I've started a branch off blog so this one stays as it is for books, food and fitness.
Visit And Bebe Makes Five for all the pregnancy details. I'm tracking each week and will start to post some bump photos more consistently.

As for the rest of life, piano lessons are in full swing. I love teaching and now that we're entering November soon, that means I can dig out Christmas carols in preparation for the Christmas recital. I'm hoping that I can get at least one student to do a duet this year.

I fell off the Happiness Project by being busy with other things. It's a shame because I loved the project, but here isn't time in my pregnancy brain for everything and right now my priorities are eating, teaching and studying. The plan is to get as much of my Nutrition diploma done before baby arrives. The sooner I complete the courses, case studies and exam, the sooner I can start my business and start a new chapter in my career.

Just a quick update that I may not post as often here, but that I'm still around!