Thursday, August 27, 2009

RealAge test

I was reading a fellow blogger's latest entry and found a neat test. It's called the RealAge test. I thought I'd take a crack at it to see what age I really am.

After about 10 minutes, I have my answer. According to the RealAge test, I am 18. (Calendar age is 24.5) The results of each category are broken up into 'things that make you younger' and 'things that make you older'. Here are a few tidbits of what they gave me for +/- in each category.
  • I floss and brush my teeth (+)
  • I have headaches often (-)
  • I have heartburn and take meds for it (-)


  • I drive within the speed limits (+)
  • I always wear a seat belt (+)
  • My car is too small (-) Ya! upgrade to an SUV?


  • I'm in a healthy relationship (+) love you sweetie!
  • I need a furry friend (-) Guess I need a dog sooner rather than later :D
  • I had a stressful life event (-) I'd say moving into a new home was a good thing. A little stress around it with all the trips and vacations that seemed to coincide with the move.


  • I need to take a multi-vitamin (-) i know i know....
  • I have a good mix of foods (+)
  • I eat breakfast daily (+) wouldn't make it to work if I didn't
  • More fish, fruit, veggies (-)


  • I strength build, do cardio, stretch (+)
  • Maintain current weight (+)
  • Need to add more cardio activity(-) this doesn't take into account that pole is both strength and cardio all wrapped into one fun package

So if I eat healthier, get a dog and keep doing everything else like I am, I could feel like a teenager! Hm. I don't know about this. As long as it's just in health. I wouldn't want all the awkwardness and immaturity to come with that.