Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting out of that funk

I've been on a blogging haitus for 2 weeks. Just didn't feel much like blogging for sympathy. I'm still unable to pole and lift weights, but I'm starting to get back to exercise.

With the beautiful weather, I've begun going roller blading with my boyfriend. We have wonderful trails near us that are all smooth pavement. I'm not as shakey on wheels like I used to be. I get a fabulous leg/butt workout and get my cardio in. Going right after work is great. I get a half hour cardio/leg workout in and then have the whole evening to relax.

On top of rollerblading, I set a goal for myself to work on getting my splits by the end of September. This goal was set at the beginning of June and I'm not there yet. I also wasn't working very hard at it. Now, I've set my mind to stretching while watching tv every night. I've managed to come a long ways in just over a week.

I attempted to play softball with the community beer league, and as fun as it was, my shoulder and wrist can't take it. I played one night and went to physio the next day (the appointment was booked long before) and realized I don't need to through another injury into the mix.

So I'm finally pulling myself out of that funk that had me depressed for a while. I still can't pole because of my wrist, but I can at least get some exercise and feel healthier.