Monday, August 31, 2009

Big News!!!

I know a few of my followers will already have read this several other places, or heard from me directly, but I wanted to post it here.


My boyfriend and I went out on his motorbike to a lake just south of the city. We had lunch like we normally would on one of these little day trips, took pictures (like normal) but it ended much different from all the other day trips.  We ended up sitting near the river and he popped the question :D
He didn't get all the way through his speech when before I was in tears and had said "yes".

There is no date set yet. Just enjoying this period of the whole wedding thing.

So now I have a question to pose my blog followers:
  • Do I keep this blog for fitness only?
  • Do I create a new blog just for the wedding?
  • Do I combine them into this current blog as they might tie in together?
Let me know what you think!