Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Buses and Winter

Our bus driver is very cautious. Which in the weather today is fabulous. On the first two days of real snow, Calgary forgets how to drive. Not joking. Yesterday there was 228 accidents by 1pm. I don't have the numbers today, but there were 7 major ones by 7am.
Our bus driver has a recommendation that we do not start walking towards the bus until it has completely stopped. Buses slide... a lot and the chances of it sliding up onto the curb and  into you are great in the winter. Its a good safety rule and one I never thought of. One gentleman started walking towards the bus, and our driver honked him. BD (bus driver) was trying to keep him safe, and the guy didn't like it at all. He was really pissed off when he got on the bus and told the driver he must think he's stupid. Some people just aren't morning people. Some people don't get it when someone is trying to keep them safe.

It took me close to 1.5 hours from leaving my house to get to work this morning. It usually only takes 35 minutes tops. But I'm glad I take public transit rather than have to drive in this sort of weather. The roads here are known for people travelling over the speed limit and right up on the bumper of the vehicle in front of them. It's no wonder there were 10 multi-car pile ups yesterday! Yes folks, it's slick out there. Perhaps adjusting your driving style is in order??

It's been snowing now for two days. But the one things I love is the silence in the morning.  I was prepared yesterday to get online and rant about all the crappy things that I was feeling. I got outside yesterday morning and everything just went away. Once I realized how beautiful and silent it was with the snow falling and the snow on the ground completely untouched, I was happy. I remembered that if the world can look this perfect and be that quiet, I should be able to feel that way too. I thanked God for the wonderful morning and enjoyed my walk to the bus stop. I even walked one stop further just because.  It was the same this morning. Beautiful silence :)