Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Venue hunting and "The Fiancee"

This past weekend the FI and I went to view a venue. It was very nice inside, good location (kind of) and had all the basics that we were looking for. Good price too. We have 4 more on the list to view over the next couple weeks, then we make a decision.

We also went shopping at Indigo to kill some time. We ended up walking past the wedding section and stopped to have a gander. We found two books. One for him "The Grooms Instruction Manual" and one for me "The Brides Instruction Manual".  I got a kick out of reading his. Somewhere near the beginning, there is a chapter on "The Fiancee - the woman who is planning your wedding". It goes through the differences of "The woman you love - the woman you will marry" and "The Fiancee".  It's hilarious! It starts one of the paragraphs off with  "you're probably wondering what happened to your girlfriend and who is this woman who ate her and took her place".  I had a good chuckle and made note of the differences so that I don't go that far. Unfortunately, I do think I have some of those traits regardless. heehee