Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Compairing, Deciding

Last night we viewed our last venue that was on our list. We have emailed lots of different places, used that information to weed out the ones we wanted to see and went from there. Fairly good process. Quick and dirty.
We've viewed several places and have to gather a bit more information on a few of them. Then it will be time to compare them all, and decide which one we want for our venue. There's still plenty of time, so we can really look at the pros/cons of each one.
Once we've got that all decided, it will be time to contact the church and meet with the priest to discuss how things will go, what our options are for personalizing the ceremony and figure out what we need to do from now until the big day.
There's very little stress in the wedding process so far. I love that there is so much time to plan. The more time the better. We can look at all our options for everything and make really good choices.

On a general life note, curling starts tomorrow!!! I'm very excited to get back into it. Last year I only played a few months before I was out after breaking my hand in dodgeball. I'm crossing my fingers there will be no significant injuries this year. The only other activity I'm doing other than curling this year, is pole. Not that pole doesn't have to potential to cause significant injury, I just have an amazing instructor that teaches us safely how to do things and minimize the risks.

On that note... I did however do faceplant this week in class. No injury because I used a mat below me and know to 'tuck-and-roll'.  I was attempted the superman and caught my legs on the pole too high. I wasn't quite in the full pose and had to bail. It was either smoke my face on the pole, or let go and hope I land on the mat safely. Success on hitting the mat safely! I didn't attempt to pull off the move again, but I'll get it. I've done the combination before, and know I can do it. Minor set back, but I believe it was because I was so tired and not really thinking everything through.
Level 6 starts monday!!!!!!