Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fitness Check In - May 29/2012

I've been doing the Ripped in 30 DVD at home with Frenchie and on Thursdays with Sister#2. So far it's been great. I feel like I have more energy, I have a better outlook (for the most part) and I feel healthier. I have that drive now to get up and move.

The last two weeks we've been doing Week 1 of RI30 and threw in one night of Extreme Shed & Shred. RI30 is by far my favorite. At least it was until we tried week 2 last night. As someone with wrists issue, week 2 is the a workout nightmare. The majority of it is in a plank or push up position. I had a hard time finding alternatives. Basically RI30 is going to be a week 1 only workout.

Last Thursday Sister#2 decided to add half the 6 Week Ab workout Jillian has on DVD. Yikes! I definitely felt that one the next day. This week we're going to change it up since Week 2 is a no go and try Bob Harper: Total Body Transformation.

I also bought new rollerblades since mine are about 10 years old and the wheels are pretty much rusted on. Took them for a spin Sunday after supper while Frenchie ran with Beta. I think this will be a weekend thing for us. It will get him running and I'll get some extra cardio in. Might start going with him after work when Beta stays home and needs a run when we get home.

MeasurementNow2 Weeks Ago
Weight114.6 lbs113 lbs
Chest31 in 32 in
Waist26 in26.5 in
Arms9 in/9 in9 in/9 in
Hips35 in35 in
Thighs20 in/19 in19.5 in/19.5 in
Calves12.5 in / 13 in12.75 in / 12.75 in

Plans for the Week
DayWorkout Planned
May 28thWeek 2 Jillian RI30
May 29thOff
May 30thRollerblade
May 31stBob Harper: Total Body Transformation
June 1stRollerblade
June 2ndExtreme Shed and Shred, Walk Beta
June 3rdExtreme Shed and Shred, Rollerblade