Monday, June 25, 2012

Fitness Check In - July 25/2012

I've been terrible at checking in here. Life got super crazy in June. See here for all the details!

Everything has changed, again. I think I get bored too easily. When I checked in 3 weeks ago I was all about Jillian Michaels. Since then things have changed, for the better.

Remember that wrist thing? Update on it here for the good and the bad.

I've started lifting weights. I'm still modifying as much as I can to keep from injuring myself. That said, I've been doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Starting from the beginning, I've put myself on a faster schedule. Still doing 3 times a week, but I'm condensing Stage 1 into 4 weeks instead of 6. My body has adapted to doing 15 reps quickly, so I've upped my weights to do 12 reps.
I'm tacking on some extra ab workouts with my favorite toy, the Bosu, at the end. I WILL have my six pack again someday.

I've also started running. Say what?! The girl who hates to run is running? YES! I started C25K again. I've been taking Beta with me in the mornings. Getting up a little earlier and heading to the park for a run. Even my husband is shocked that I've lasted more than a week. It really does start the day off right. That 30 minutes of exercise in the morning makes the endorphins surge. Let's go through the crazy dialogue in my head with C25K shall we?

Week 1, Day 1
30 second run - This is easy. Beta wonders why I'm stopping so soon after starting.
45 second run - Uh, what the H lungs. work please!
60 second run - I feel like a smoker. wtf
Repeat twice more.  I got back to the house before Frenchie left for work and he laughed at me at the wheezing sound coming out of my lungs.
Week 1, Day 2 - WAY better.
Week 1, Day 3 - I actually like this running thing
Week 2, Day 1 - 90 second run? Seriously?
Week 2, Day 2 - Ok, I think I like this running thing. 90 seconds is hard, but I can do it!
Week 2, Day 3 - Frenchie came with me so the extra motivation was great. Made it through the whole thing no problems.

MeasurementNow3 weeks Ago6 Weeks Ago
Weight112.4 lbs114.6 lbs113 lbs
Chest31 in31 in 32 in
Waist26 in26 in26.5 in
Hips32 inDidn't measureDidn't measure
Butt34 in35 in35 in
Arms9 in/9 in9 in/9 in9 in/9 in
Thighs20 in/19.5 in20 in/19 in19.5 in/19.5 in
Calves13 in/ 13 in12.5 in / 13 in12.75 in / 12.75 in

Weekly Schedule (subject to change at the drop of a pin)
DayWorkout Planned
TuesdayC25K, NROLFW
ThursdayDVD with Sister
Friday/SaturdayC25K, NROLFW