Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June? Where did you go?

I feel like I have completely missed the month of June. I can't believe just over a week it will be July long weekend.

June started out with excitement. We have a new niece!! Frenchie's sister-in-law had a baby girl at the beginning of the month.
The second weekend she had baby girl and was still in the hospital my In-laws and BIL#4 and his fiancee came down.  The next weekend, my in-laws came to stay for the weekend and spend time over at BIL#2's house helping out. Making meals, cleaning, yardwork, etc. I think BIL#2/SIL really appreciated it. They got to nap!

The third weekend was our first anniversary and Father's day and Niece#1 & #3's dance recital. Talk about a packed weekend.

This weekend we are free, or as free as you can be when you're a planner. Dinner with my sisters Saturday and then out to the movie with Sister#2. Finally going to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I'm going for the Huntsman. Can we all just love on C. Hemsworth for a minute?

The other crazy is my wrist. Yes, that. It's still around.
I went back to my doctor since at the beginning of June I was pretty well incapacitated by the middle of the work week. I would be sittinng on my hand just to stop myself my using it. Typing and mousing left handed (when you're a righty) is a useful skill to know! I'm an ambi-mouser!
Back to the story... We have determined that it is nerve related. Unfortunately there are no more tests that she can run, I have to go to a specialist now. She has given me a referral to a Neurolgist. The wait is several months at least, so that will take a while. In the meantime she has put me on nerve blockers that will help manage the pain.
Drawbacks to that.
1. I'm on pain medication. I sort of feel like a failure at life. How did I not take care of body enough that we got to this point?
2. The meds make me REALLY drowsy. I fell asleep on the bus home. I'm thankful Frenchie will let me sleep on his shoulder and wake me up when it's time to get off.
3. My brain feels like it's 5 seconds behind. I tried to make a recipe and read the directions 3 times before it finally snapped. "Mix chicken and marinade in a bowl" is not complicated. 0_o
4. They haven't done much for the pain yet. Dulled it a little, but it's still bad by the end of the week. Dr. has to start me off on the lowest dosage in order for my body to adjust to the drowsiness. I'll go back in 2-3 weeks to see how I've adjusted and maybe increase the dose.

I'm really looking forward to the long weekend and the rest of summer. So far, no craziness planned but that can always change!