Friday, June 1, 2012

Craft Project: Book Wreath

I've seen book wreaths all over the internet and thought it would be a fun craft project.
I had a bunch of old textbooks laying around and since I don't have the heart to tear apart a book off my shelf, I figured a textbook would be fitting.
I used my very first programming book on Java. Since I have my Bachelors in Computer Science this seemed like a great fit and rather meaningful.

Styrofoam Wreath form
Glue Gun (and it's pink!)
Java Textbook - I thought about using my math book as well, but ended up not using it.

I started by folding the pages and glueing the first layer onto the wreath form. I only did one layer in a sitting to allow it to fully dry.
I folded the next layer of pages so there was a lip in the middle so I could keep attaching and create stability.

Ended up with 4 layers in total. I went back and glued all the edges down so they are sturdy.

The bow has velcro on the back of it so I can change it with the seasons. Pink seemed appropriate for summer. I'm planning on getting some cardboard to decorate so I can make signs to velcro on.
Something for Book Club, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. It will be nice to keep it changing to add a little to the room.