Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Piano Teaching

I took piano from the time I was 8 up to 18. Never missed an exam and always did quite well.
I decided earlier this year to begin teaching piano in September. I put off advertising and put off practising  my own stuff until I couldn't any longer. Fear is a crippling thing. I wasn't sure I was going to do it and almost talked myself out of it. What if I don't get any students? What if I suck? What if they hate me?

I have 5 students lined up to start in September. 5! I advertised on Kijiji. Put up a website and put an add in our community newsletter. I'm amazed that I got 5 so quickly. With working full time, 5 is about all I can manage. But thankfully it's a base to start with, get one year of teaching under my belt and see how it goes.
The plan is to teach for as long as I can. (My Nanna is 75 and still teaching.. yah. amazing right?)

I have a small library of piano books started. Another reason to buy books? Why yes! Much to my husbands dismay. The music store I go to has a Teacher Appreciation Day once a year in August. I sent a list of 28 books that I needed for this year. the other 11 I borrowed from my sisters collection. Hopefully this will be all I need for the year (other than Christmas...) and the initial shock of all those will lessen each year.
It takes a while to get a library built up especially when you have students at different levels.

Here's a picture of the stack I bought:

I am so excited to start teaching in a couple weeks. Time to make some lesson plans!