Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Organization Project #1 - Front Closet

Having piano lessons in our front room of the house made me realize all our shoes laying around need a place. The scarves/mitts/toques that we will need soon (hopefully not too soon) need somewhere to go that doesn't require me to empty out a bin to find that ONE matching set.
Reusable bags in the large bag
Large purses and scarves in the brown bin
Shoes in the organizer
Backpacks on the top shelf with some other stuff

I went shopping to Bed, Bath and Beyond and we bought a cube shelf that we thought would fit. It didn't. Took it back and ended up buying a bench with baskets at Jysk.
Shelf from Jysk for shoes, reusable bags, extras
Backpacks at the top
Large purses hung on hangers

I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. When winter comes, each of those bins will be for mitts, scarves and toques. (I'm Canadian, there are a lot of each for varying temperatures and colours)