Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the grind

After being in the hotel gym all last week and not feeling like I did enough, I pushed myself pretty hard at my regular gym today. On several of my exercises, I upped my weights every set I did. Since I was unable to lift as much as I would normally last week, I had to catch up and find out what weight my threshold is right now. Turns out a lot more than I thought. Yippee!
Along with increasing my weights significantly, I also decreased my time to do my body weight matrix. (squats and lunges as fast as I can) It felt great to do it just that much faster. I have 2 more go's at the matrix after today, so I'm hoping to not pause as often during the jumping lunges or jumping squats.

I had a wonderful active rest day yesterday. It was so nice, and since we have a park near us, a picnic was in order. We picked up some fresh made sandwiches from the grocery store and packed up the picnic bag. There is a wonderful park very close, so we walked in a south direction until we found a spot near the river to eat at.

There has now been a decision made between my boyfriend and I that we'll start doing things outside every weekend (that we are able to). I'm excited to see what we plan next!