Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiny room and lots of people

I got home from training today and immediately headed to the hotel gym. I was ready to get there and get out so I could eat dinner and phone home for a chat. Before I go on to rant a little, I should mention that the gym here is about the same size as my hotel room, only instead of the nice furniture, there are 2 treadmills, an eliptical and 2 bikes for cardio machines. There is a rack of dumbbells, and a fitness machine with 4 stations attached to the inner pillar. You get the idea.

That said, when I got there, there were 3 people doing cardio, and one person using the machines. Basically, I should have said to hell with it and gone back after I'd had dinner. The time would have been the same and I probably would have enjoyed the workout more. Can you tell I'm the type of person that doesn't like the crammed gym scene? I like my space.

On top of the busyness, I looked at my set of workouts I was to do and I had another disappointment rolling in. I had a look around at what was available to me for machines and accessories. I did half my workout because there were some things (like an exercise ball) that were not in existence. It was done half-heartedly too. I thought after I was done that I would have been better off not doing it at all by this point. (hindsight's 20/20)

To end the evening on a good note, I did enjoy a steak and roasted potatoes for dinner. I also had the pleasure of good conversation with a woman who was eating alone as well. I then got my phone call home in and felt better to have contact with some loved ones. I do love my alone time just as much as the next person. I've also come to find there can be too much of a good thing.