Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moved in and unpacking

The move is finally over and we've arrived at the unpacking phase. The move went smoothly and we had great help from friends and family (Thanks everyone!)

Things that are new or different:
  • Stairs! I lived in a first floor apartment for the past 2 years, so having to go up/down stairs to various parts of the house is new. And with my forgettful mind, I'll get lots of exercise running up and down.
  • Flower beds! Living in an apartment doesn't exactly give you a lot of that. Our backyard has 3 large flowerbeds that seem to have flowers and shrubs popping up already. (less work for me!) I'm concerned with the plants 'lives' since the last 3 house plants I've had (bamboo, cactus, tree thing) have all died. I will definately try to keep them living. (which reminds me I need to water them tonight)
  • Garage! And no it's not a place to store random junk. The car and motorbike will actually be parked in there.
  • Lawn! Yes, we now have a lawn. Apartment living really isn't condusive to being outdoors, especially on the main floor facing the parking lot. I don't think we ever sat on our patio. Not only do we have to cut our own lawn now, (by we I mean my boyfriend), we can get outside and do things outdoors.
  • Basement! Our living room is now only a living room. All of our workout equipment is in the basement. We basically have a weight gym/dance studio down there and our cardio will be done in the park that is a block from us (yippee!)
  • Pantry! The pantry in the kitchen is HUGE! Either we need to go grocery shopping, or it's just that massive because at the moment it looks quite empty. Not that I'm going to go and buy stuff to put in it, but the option is there. At least now I can see all my baking stuff and it's readily available.

On the green side of things, I'm much more conscious of using less utilities. Our utilities were included in the rent price, but now it's seperate. The curbside recycling is a huge deal too. No more storing it all in different bins and driving it down the road. Everything goes in one large bin and gets picked up on garbage day. YEAH!!

I'm sure there will be a lot more stuff to come that I find 'really cool' but for now, only being in there for a few days, those are the top things on my list.