Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to pole.... again

I started Level 5 this week!!
I have been off the pole for a little over a month now and happy to be getting back to it.  I know now after lifting weights and injuring myself, I will be extra careful with my body and listen to it more closely.

After each session I will be stretching, icing and heating my forearms so they are ready to go for the week.
Once I am done level 5 I plan to have a photographer (co-worker/friend) come and take some photos of me. I should have some new moves that will look absolutely fabulous in photographs. That's over 6 weeks away still, but something to look forward to as an accomplishment to completing a level.

We've started learning the split grip invert which is harder than I thought.  I can get myself up, I'm just scared of hurting myself again.  I never realized how fragile my wrists were until I started diving into fitness. I'm happy to say I can now comfortably (if that even exists in pole) do the 'Apprentice' and the 'Hero'. Releasing that top arm on the Hero is a little nerve wracking, but I managed to do it several times just so I knew it wasn't a fluke.

Our homework assignment (yes we get those now) is to work on the dismount from an invert. I'm not very graceful coming out of an inverted crucifix. My feet slam down on the floor with a 'thump-thump'... and that's with barefeet. I can't imagine what sort of racket it would make with heels on.