Monday, September 28, 2009

Surprising Kelowna

This past weekend was a surprise to my friend Jess. Her FI and I planned out the whole weekend.
I would arrive on Thursday and go golfing with him. Then it would be a surprise to walk into their house.
That sort of worked. She kind of figured it out before I got to her house, but that's alright.

Thursday night was dinner out at a fabulous restaurant. Martini's abound made from fruit puree... yummy. I got to see their house for the first time. And just to prove how much of a polejunkie I really am, I sized up the living room for height and swing space without even thinking about it.

Friday was a lounge around day.  The 3 of us headed out to a few wineries and did some tasting. That was a blast. I bought two bottles of wine to bring back with me. Jess had to work for a few hours in the afternoon, so I wandered around downtown Kelowna and did the touristy things.  I got a lot of looks, and was later told that tourist season is actually over, so that's why people were looking at me funny. I even popped into a bridal shop and tried on a few things. SO FUN! I did not find 'the dress', which I'm happy about. That's meant to be found with people around.

Saturday was spa day. I had booked Jess and I in for 4 hours at The Delta Grand Spa. We started with a steam room, then moved onto an hour massage. Next was a pedicure (oh pretty toes!), followed by lunch. We spent some time after we ate lunch out on the patio in the bright sunshine.  Last treatment was a facial. I fell asleep in parts of it. Very relaxing. Sicne we ended and still had sometime left on our parking meter, we dipped into the hot tub and melted like butter even more than we already were.
We then proceeded to go to another winery, rent some movies and buy clothing at American Apparel. She has a love for funky clothes and booty shorts for Roller Derby. I have the same love, but for pole. It was a win-win.

Sunday it was time to fly me home. I jumped on my flight and arrived at the airport to a large bouquet of pink daisies. (I love my huney!!)

It was a good weekend. Relaxing and fun.