Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Married! (1)

We did it! We got married! I am now Mrs. B!
Wedding Reception

The wedding was beautiful. It was "perfect" (no wedding ever goes perfect, lets be honest). That is the happiest I have ever been. I don't think I lost my smile all day. I was sure I would cry during the ceremony and I almost did, but not during the vows or the rings exchange. I almost cried during the Eucharist. I almost cry every Sunday actually so with my emotions running high there was no doubt I would tear up. I almost cried because there is one part in the prayers that reminds me of my aunt and I missed her dearly not being there for health reasons. Her son and daughter-in-law did come to the ceremony though. I wish I would have seen them to thank them for coming.

Let's do a run down of the weekend.

Rehearsal went smoothly Friday night. We started with a BBQ at my in-laws rented house. From there we went to the church and flew through an hour. My mom was awesome. She didn't want to walk me down the aisle with my dad, so she entered the church first. The priest asked who would be accompanying her. She immediately said "my grand-daughters" So cute! I quickly whipped up some smal bouquets for them after we got back to the hotel. She had 3/4 with her. The other one had a meltdown right before the ceremony so she hung back with her daddy in the pews.

The Before
I managed to get about 5 hours sleep the night before the wedding. Pretty good considered my maid of honour and I were sharing a room and haven't seen each other in a long time. We giggled and talked for a good hour before decided we needed to sleep.
Woke up at 6:30am and waited for breakfast to arrive. We ate and headed to Starbucks and then to the Salon for hair and makeup for 8am.
The photographer came at 11:30am to take some detail shots of my things and me getting dressed. I cried when my mom hugged me and told me how beautiful I looked.
My bridesmaids and mom headed to the church and my dad drove me in his car.
Just before ceremony
I posted this picture on twitter right before getting out of the car.
The Ceremony
We had a full Catholic mass wedding. It was beautiful. I have never felt that much love and support in one room before. I didn't cry and had a smile on my face the entire time.
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony

The Photos
We made it through of photos without getting rained on too hard. It sprinkled, it was windy and a little chilly near the end. We used my dad's antique car for a lot of them. We started with family photos, moved on to wedding party photos and then sent everyone on their way. Frenchie and I hung back and did photos just the two of us for another hour and a half. We had the best time just being together and enjoying wedding day bliss.
I don't have professional pictures just yet.

There is a sneak peak on our photographers blog you can check out for now.

The Reception
We drove to the reception in my dad's car and got rained on the entire way! Lots of honking and waving from people around us because of the awesome sign on the back.
We got to the reception to find out there was a leak in the roof and a few tables had to be moved around. Other than that everything was beautifully decorated. I made all the decorations except for the backdrop we rented.
Dinner was amazing. We got comments on it all night. The cake was a hit (4 tiers of Rice Krispies) The speeches went smoothly even though Frenchie and I forgot our notes.
We danced and talked with guests until around midnight and then our sedan came to pick us up. I was happy to get to leave at that point and go to the hotel to enjoy some time with Frenchie.
Wedding Reception

We got back to the hall and helped our parents clean up what was left. I guess the party shut down around 2 which is earlier than we had expected. Then we went to the house my in-laws rented and hung out all day with people dropping by to say goodbye. It was nice and relaxing. I had my awesome "Just Married" shirt from Victoria's Secret on.

We spent returning items, opening gifts and just being together. Frenchie got called into work for a meeting for 8am which was unfortunate, but it got us both up and getting things done.

Honeymoon FRIDAY! I can't wait to leave for a week to Antigua!!! I'll definitely have a bunch of pictures to post from that.

(The remainder of the photos are taken by various family members. Do not copy.)