Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bible Study Time!

I’ve wanted to do a Bible study for a long time and never found a time/place to do it right here in my own city. The church I love only has them during the day. For someone with a full time job, that’s not really going to work. There is none at night and I’ve tried to start one with friends, but it never works out. I blogged about my New Year’s plans to maybe do one someday and a fellow blogger, Julie asked if I’d do one with her. Since we live in different countries we “meet” through Skype once a week.
Took us a day to figure out which book we wanted to order. There are so many out there! Julie and I have chosen to do The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. We are both newlyweds (her longer than I) and decided to do this one because it sounded like us. We pray for our families, friends and husbands, so why not do a bible study that will assist us.

First impressions: THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR ME!

I started reading chapter 1 and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Chapter 1 is all about being on the verge of separation from your husband and that maybe praying will help avoid a divorce. Uh.. Julie!! What the heck are we reading? No where in any description did it say anything about this book helping you avoid divorce. I LOVE my husband. We JUST got married. I’m not so sure this is the book for me. Julie said the same thing and figured we’d give it a couple chapters before punting this book and picking up something else.

Our first discussion went well despite the depressing material. There was a lot of questions we both said "no" to which is ok in my books. I'm sure our answers were probably light compared to what the author was intending her book to be for. Being it was our first time “meeting” each other than email/twitter/gchat we spent a lot of time just talking and getting to know each other better. We did manage to talk about the bible study a little bit and both said we’re excited to keep going and hoping it gets less “your marriage is ending, read this to ask God to help you”

We are meeting this week to talk about Week 2/Chapter 2: His Work. I have gone through the chapter in the book, but haven’t gotten to the questions yet. The book did make a drastic improvement from the first chapter. Very little divorce chatter and more focus on your husband, which is what we were going for in the first place. This week talks all about his work. His = husband, not His = God. When I told Frenchie the chapter name, he thought the latter. This is fitting for this week as Frenchie was looking at applying for new work.

Expect more about this book throughout the next 30 weeks as Julie and I go through it.

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