Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bible Study: Week 2 - His Work

Julie and I met Thursday night on Skype again. I look forward to meeting with her every week! It's in my calendar and Frenchie is fully aware I'm busy for an hour chatting.

We were able to relate more to chapter 2 than chapter 1. Now we are getting into parts of the book that we can relate to. Praying for our husband to have good things happen to him, changes for the better, lessons and guidance from God is definitely what we were looking for. We are both in agreement that the rest of the book is going to be just what we wanted.

This chapter is perfect for where Frenchie's life is right now. He likes his job, but isn't fulfilled. He's successful, but has more potential. He wants a change, and has started looking for it. These are all things I pray for. Having a chapter on this specific situation was ideal. I have more pointed prayers, more guidance on what to pray to God for. Better ways to pray for the same thing. Sometimes it takes a mind shift to ask the same question.

Next week is on Finances. Going into this week, I know that Frenchie has a good grasp on finance, so we will see what God leads me to pray about.