Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!! 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve. Frenchie and I watched a movie and went to bed just before midnight. We've both had a cold (Frenchie for a week, me for 3 days) and today isn't any different. Hopefully watching football all day will make us both feel better.

I'm not a fan of making resolutions, but I am a fan of setting goals and working towards them no matter how long it takes. I read a book that says, as long as you take steps towards your goals, you are a success.

That said, here are my goals for the year in no particular organized fashion or order

  1. Complete Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 - She's so mean but definitely kicks your butt
  2. Start a dance class - Signed up for Ballet to start January 18th!
  3. Save more money and tighten up on a budget - We have a lot of vacations in 2013 planned.
  4. Possibly find a new job - I like mine, it's just not what I was hired for
  5. Renovate the kitchen cupboards - Change the color and add better organization
  6. Read 50 books! I missed by goal by 6 in 2011 but read some amazing books
  7. Go to church more often - I'd like to go twice a month
  8. Do a bible study - either with friends or by myself
  9. Keep in better touch with friends and family - Call friends and see family more often
  10. Meal plan weekly - We did pretty good this year and it sure makes life easier
  11. Start teaching piano in the fall. I have my business cards and schedule all laid out already. I just need to advertise closer to the fall and hopefully get 3 - 6 students. This will be a replacement for dance and hopefully turn into a business for me when we decide to start a family. I have so many plans in my head for when that time comes.
  12. I would like to complete my Grade 7 and Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Canada. I already completed the exams when I was in high school, so I'm basically just going through both grades myself and then move onto Grade 9. Working towards my ARCT in Pedagogy. There is SO much work to do it's going to take a few years to complete.

This year will be full of ups and downs just like any year. We have a lot of things to look forward to. Frenchie's side will be blessed with two more grandbabies and in early 2013 another sister-in-law. All 4 boys will have wives!  My family will watch the 5 littles ones (4 girls and a boy) grow up another year. No plans for kids with us yet. We have some trips planned and a lot of life to spend together before we bless our little family with a child. For now Beta the furbaby will do. (She's 2 years old!!!)
Frenchie and I will celebrate one year of marriage this year. I can't believe it's been 6.5 months already. We've been together for 5 years and I couldn't ask for a better man in my life.

So here's to 2012! May you find joy, happiness, and live life to it's fullest. We always have ups and downs, it's how you deal with them that makes a difference.

Happy New Year!!!!