Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bible Study: Week 3 - His Finances

This week was all about His Finances. A number of the questions focused on whether our husbands are responsible with their our money. Does he give the way that God intended? Does he have anxiety about the family finances? I didn't find this topic enlightening as much as some of the other ones, but I believe that is because there is no tension in this department of our life.

Julie and I found that our answers were very much the same this week. We both think our husbands are responsible with money, but more than that, they are responsible with the family. We are both newlyweds so finances are a big part of our life right now. We both work along with our husbands so the responsiblity of the family finances are very much a joint task. 

One of the biggest questions was whether our husbands, and ourselves, give the way God requires. This is a hard one, and although it may come off as selfish, I believe that God sees our intentions and understands.  Frenchie and I may not give to the poor by monetary means, but we give in other ways. We go through our life and donate that which we do not need. To me this is maybe even better than giving money because it is tangible. If you give someone money for clothing, there is no guarantee that is will be spent on that. Where as if you give someone clothing, they have what they need, not what they want.

I also believe that God wants us to be happy. He wants our family to be provided for. We give what we feel we can.

I'm interested to see what next week holds. The topic is His Sexuality. We are both very open to talking about sexuality so I believe the discussion with be good. I don't know how much I will share on my blog about a topic that is a very private matter between husband and wife. As open as I am about the topic, there are things that are sacred in a marriage.