Monday, February 27, 2012

Spa Weekend Review!

This past weekend my two besties and I headed out to the city for a night of relaxation. Back in December we were all getting very restless and decided we needed to get away. After much back and forth we finally picked a weekend and a place.

We went to Kananaskis Delta Lodge overnight. (It's already been decided that we are going for two nights next time) They have a Girl Power package that is usually for 4 people but they adjusted the price for 3 of us. Kananaskis is just over an hour from Calgary. Just far enough to get away but close enough we can do an overnight trip. We all met at L's house and once everything was packed in my SUV we stopped at Starbucks before heading out. There was a collective sigh as we hit the city limits and the mountains came into view.

The package we booked came with valet parking so we pulled up, gave them our keys and took our bags. We were a little early for check in, so we had a coffee at the bistro while we waited. The hotel room we had was a loft. Beautiful place! Wood burning fire place, pull out couch, mini fridge, bathroom and table on the main floor. Upstairs had another bathroom and two beds.

We received a gift card upon check-in to the spa to spend on whatever we wanted. I believe they give you a gift card because then you'll book more than one spa appointment. It's the "Oh look! I have free money! Now I can get this AND that". Well played... it worked. We had pre-booked our appointments before knowing there was a gift card.

M had a facial when we arrived so L and I checked into the loft, made dinner reservations and read for a bit until our treatments started. L went for a facial and I got a pedicure. We all reconvened back at the loft, got all dressed up and went for dinner. We were definitely over-dressed for the ski lodge, but we didn't care. There aren't enough times to wear high heels and dresses and go for dinner so you take it when you can.  Dinner was great! Spent 2 hours eating, chatting and enjoying each others company.
Fireplace in our room
After dinner we headed to the hot tub. It's half indoors, half out. With the snow coming down it was beautiful out! We ended in the steam room and then headed back to our room. There is nothing better than lighting a fire, grabbing a glass of wine, eating chocolate that was delivered to our room and reading. We are all book nerds so it was truly perfect. We sat and ignored each other for a good hour while we read of books. Frenchie says we're lame, we think we're awesome.

Chocolate delivery!

Sunday we got up just in time to head to the spa again. I had a massage, L & M had body scrub/wraps. Checked out of our room, stored our bags and hit the breakfast buffet. Sadly after that it was time to head back to reality. It was definitely a much needed retreat.
View from our room.
It was a little cloudy and starting to snow.