Monday, April 8, 2013

April Happiness Project: Week 1

This month will be a hard one to set quantitative goals for. A lot of my resolutions are situational. I'm hoping that I get an opportunity for a lot of them to take advantage of the changes I want to make. I don't wish to fail at something, but it's a part of life.

Enjoy the fun of failure...

This weekend I went to Barre class. It was the hardest class so far and I am thankful I wasn't the only one that thought that. The room was extremely hot and we had a different instructor than usual. While she was good at being an instructor, it was her first time teaching the class so her audio cues weren't as crisp as I would have liked as a student. The hard part was the fact that I had no energy. I had to continually stop during an exercise and catch my breath. Annoying, but part of the failure was knowing to listen to my body, and it didn't matter if I stopped during class. I went at my own pace and that's ok.

Ask for Help...
  • ...when I'm stuck or am stressed. 
    • I asked for helped on a support issue at work. I have trouble doing that, but it was a good training exercise in the end.
Work Smart
  • 30 minutes IS long enough
    • I had a half hour before Frenchie got back from getting groceries for breakfast. It was long enough for me to read another part of my textbook. Little bits here and there add up to a lot of reading in one day.
  • Set up a study station
    • I have an official study station now. It's in the dining room, (which we never use unless we have a big family dinner) facing away from everything. I can now leave my books open so they are ready when ever I have some extra time.
    • I have the computer close by but not with me so I can play music to help me study. There are no other distractions, but I'm still close enough to the kitchen and doors that if I need to get up and get something or let the dogs out it's not a huge thing.
Enjoy Now
  • Focus on a song just to play rather than perfect
    • I think I'll play Clair de Lune by Debussy for my year end recital. I love the song, the version isn't complicated and I think it's beautiful to play.