Monday, April 1, 2013

March Happiness Project: Week 4

March was focusing on Frenchie and remembering love. I told him this weekend that I was doing the Husband Project again and he said "THAT's what was different" I could take that two ways. 1. I need to shift my focus to him more often or 2. I did a good job.

This weekend we relaxed. No agendas, just relaxed. That might not seem like a big deal, but for our household it's huge. I usually have so much planned on the weekends, this was a nice change. I didn't nag him to go to church, just left him sleeping, set the coffee to start and left.
I made him ribs for supper Saturday and that was well received. I had to fight to keep mine on my plate! He's been asking for ribs for a while so I think he was really happy I found a great recipe to make for him.

I also let him pick the movie again this weekend, which meant we saw GI Joe: Retaliation with a friend of his. It was great action and I love the Rock.

It was a long week but I think the relaxation was the biggest payoff and grand finale for the month.

On to April!