Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June Happiness Project - Done!

June was easy to "Get Serious about Play".
Our trip was the perfect place to embrace living in the moment. Getting up, deciding what to do and off we go. We made some wrong turns, wandered aimlessly and tried a ton of foods we've never had here.
I was able to really let go and experience life rather than just getting through the day (sometimes unsuccessfully). It felt amazing to be happy and relaxed.

Live in the moment
  • Stop looking at the future - hard to do, but I think I looked less into the future than I do while I'm here
  • Make a plan and forget about it until later. 
  • Live TODAY
Find more fun
  • Stop doing things that just aren't fun out of obligation. 
  • Find those things I have fun doing, and do them more

Go off the path
  • Try new foods, new places
  • Buy a french book to read - Didn't buy one, but I did always have the french menu in restaurants
  • Change the routine