Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend and Indulging

Easter weekend came up faster than I thought it would, and with that come and gone, my trip to Mexico for a week of relaxation is coming faster than I thought. This weekend was a fabulous weekend to visit with family on my boyfriends side. We played a lot of Canasta and ate tons of food. That doesn't bode well for working out, but it was a indulging weekend. I've been extra careful this week so far to eat a little healthier and a lot less. As much as I love steak and crab, that's a very easy thing to finish eating and go straight to changing into stretchy pants to allow for more room. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every bite thoroughly. I must admit though, I got up early friday before we left and did my workout. It's tough working out at home. The weights are slightly different and even though it says 25#, they seem heavier than the ones at my regular gym. All the better I think.

Today is the last day of Stage 1 in my workout plan. After today I will do two extra workouts that consist of going back to my starting weights and doing as many reps as I can. The purpose of these two extra workouts is only to see how much stronger I've really gotten. It should give me a good idea if I've pushed myself hard enough (which I don't think I have) and what my goals for the next stage will be. I know one for sure is that I want to get off one side of the dumbbell weight rack and onto the next where the heavier ones are. I'm at the bottom of one side, so that's a good thing.

After the two special workouts (as the book calls them) I am off for a week on vacation. I'm super excited for it. A week in the sun with my huney at an all inclusive resort. What better way to prepare for kicking my own butt at the gym when I get back?!