Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mexico Vacation and some other big news

With all the craziness of the swine flu, I was indeed in Mexico this past week, and am happy to say I am not sick! I got back and my family and friends were very worried. We were in the Mayan Riviera and flew in/out of the Cancun airport. We had no issues while we were down there, or coming back with all the hype the media is putting out about this. Yeah!

On happy notes though, the vacation was awesome! My boyfriend and I hung out at the hotel for a week. 5 straight days of lounging in the sun, and one day at Xel-ha with some other family that was down there at the same time as us. We stayed at the Hotel El Cid We had great food, great service, clean resort and the staff was all wonderful. The resort wasn't busy at all, according to us. We never had any problems finding a place by the pool or the beach.

The trip to Xel-ha for the day was great. We got to jump off the Cliff of Courage (which was a lot further than I thought) and snorkel down a river that opened up to a large lagoon. We also swam through some Mayan Caves and got pictures taken from above through a hole in the ground.

All in all the trip was incredible.

The big news: We bought our first home!! The big move is at the end of May. Coming up quickly so the stress of packing and getting things ready to go starts. The amount of paper work and signing of things and meetings with various people is insane! We looked at a total of 10 houses in one day and decided on the last one. We both walked in and felt like it was a home, not just another house. So, we are now in an area of the city that we never thought to look in, in a house that we don't have enough furniture to fill. I'm so very excited to finally stop renting and own something. The thrill of being able to have a backyard and a garage is great. I will try to keep everyone posted on the big move. It's going to come faster than I think