Monday, April 20, 2009

The End... and more beginnings

Stage 1 complete!! (oooo that sounds star trekkie... appropriate since the movie comes out soon)
I have just completed the last of my workouts in Stage 1 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women. I'm ecstatic to be done. I feel so much stronger and have far more energy that I had 8 weeks ago. My broken hand is close to full strength, and my stress levels are slightly lower. I had my trainer at the gym do my measurements for me. The biggest difference was in my body fat %. I am now at 12%. My arms have slightly increased in size and I lost an inch off my waist. Not that there was a lot there to begin with, but now I have a very defined waist.

Last night was movie night, so we used two free admission coupons to go see the new Fast & the Furious. I loved it. I'm very much a car and muscles gal, so this movie was perfect. I went in with expectations of being entertained. Wasn't expecting much of a plot, or really thought provoking lines, so I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

I am now off for a week holiday in Mexico to relax and not think about anything (I've heard this not thinking thing is done...). We've bought our own snorkels/fins/masks to go snorkeling off the beach and then take with us on a scuba dive or two. We may take a trip to one of the ruins, but the idea of going to relax is to sip Pinacoladas and catch some sun rays. I heart umbrella drinks!

With that said, I won't be blogging again until May! Happy Spring!!