Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yoga & finding peace

For the majority of last year, I was taking a yoga class at the gym. After I broke my hand I was unable to participate in the class, or any sort of physical activity for that matter. Today was the first day that I was back at it. A new session of 11 classes started today. I am super excited to start for so many reasons.

The biggest reason is because it's a great stress reliever. I'm one of those very high stress people and as a result I tend to get a lot of knots in my neck and shoulders. Because I work on a computer for the majority of the day, this causes a lot of problems with my wrists. It's amazing how a muscle in your neck can cause pain in your wrists. One of the biggest factors that stress does for me is causes me to not sleep properly. I tend to wake up a lot not consciously thinking about things, but my subconscious is. This compounds everything into one big bubble of bad.

I remember the last time I was in class I was much more flexible than I was today. I can feel just sitting here that my shoulders are pulled back a little better and my hips aren't as tight. I can't say that I'll feel this good tomorrow when my body realizes that I've stretched it in ways it hasn't been stretched in for a while.

My hopes in taking yoga (again) is that I will be better able to manage stress, will be able to do more pole moves, and will have better posture. Not too much to ask right?