Monday, April 6, 2009

Fabulous weekend

Friday night was a great time. My pole friend and I decided to attend a pole party/birthday party. The bar was dance club with a DJ and very large dance floor. The party was for our instructors birthday. She brought in two stages with poles so we could have some fun and show off our skills. We ended up just dancing on the dance floor and chatting and maybe doing a spin or two, but a night out felt great. After about 2 hours, it was time to go home and sleep. I'm not a late night person, (come to think of it I'm not a morning person either) so 12am was about good for me.

Sunday, my pole friend came over to my house again so we could test out my crash mat and learn something new. I am bruised and hurting today, but it was worth it! My biggest accomplishment was doing a Reverse Superman.

Today was back to the gym. I'm finally down to 3 sets of 8 reps. Felt great to get back up to the gym after being so sore last week from yoga. By my last set, I was having to tell myself it was the last one and that I could push through it. I love having to push myself. I don't always do it, but it works! Tomorrow I'll be starting a Level 3/4 split pole class. I'll be able to finish two levels at once. Hooray!

Could be the weather, but I feel that for a Monday, things are going smoothly and I'm in a great mood.