Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking back on 2009, a lot of major things have happened in my life.
  • Started the year off with a broken hand
  • Got my eyes lasered (Best decision EVER!)
  • Lost an Aunt :(
  • Took a trip to Mexico
  • Took a trip to Vegas to surprise FI's brother at his wedding - so much for them eloping, we all went anyways!
  • Bought a house
  • Took a trip to Kelowna to surprise my friend
  • GOT ENGAGED! (you can see this is the biggest thing and the best thing that happened :D )
  • Gained a new niece
  • FI got his first Nephew
  • Got back to pole and made it through from level 4 to level 7
Looking forward to 2010 - That which is planned in the new year
  • Take up reading lots and lots of books with The Nest Book Club
    • I plan to partake in the seasonal challenges that they have and hopefully read all the monthly books
  • Trip to the Caymans to meet FI's nephew! (he'll be 4.5 months old!)
  • Friend getting married in Kelowna, BC
  • FI's cousin getting married in Vancouver, BC
  • my cousin getting married in North Alberta
  • Finish with the RCIA process and become a Catholic
  • Numerous wedding things to be planned and booked and shopped for
Here are  few other things that popped up after reading a few blogs or just from my own thoughts
  • Set a number of books I want to read - Thinking of 40. Start low and then see how it goes.
  • Get my fitness certification so I can teach pole
  • Get a puppy or dog
  • I thought about doing a 365 challenge, that is take a picture of something every day, but I think my life is pretty mundane and would end up taking the same photos throughout the year.
What happened in your past year? What are your plans for the upcoming one?