Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My trusty notebook

In pole class last night, I figured I'd bring my little notebook that I write down new moves that I learn in. It came in very handy.
We are still working on the Butterfly and now getting used to pushing away from the pole to get our body in the right positioning for the full pose.  I'm finding that my grip is not up to par yet in order for me to release my body away from the pole. I'm not afraid to take my legs off, and I'm not afraid to be upside down and pulling away from the pole, it's just that I'm afraid my top hand won't grip well enough. Very frustrating!

After practicing that for a little while, we moved onto to what we'll learn next week. Catapiller crawl. I can barely do the Catapiller push as it is, but now we're going to start crawling up the pole. Yikes!
This is where my trusty notebook came in.  My instructor was going over the breakdown of the crawl and showing us in steps. I couldn't grasp which hand you move first to regrip, when you move your legs, and so on and so forth.  Once I wrote it down, it made sense in my head. Once I inverted and went over it again, and again in my hand, saying the steps outloud, I was able to get the idea.  I certainly couldn't do the full move, but at least I understand the concept now.

Looking forward to next week!