Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pole Competition: Am I crazy?

Calgary is hosting the first ever Miss Pole Dance Alberta competition. I've been talked into entering by my instructor/friend. I can't tell you how nervous I am and I haven't even put together my video submission yet. That in itself is going to take more work than getting up in front of a crowd.

Why am I so nervous you ask? It's not the performance itself that is making me feel this way. It is the fact that I have not been in classes since May and haven't worked on much of anything since then. Other than teaching intro classes, I haven't touched a pole to work on advanced moves. Nor have a danced for a long period of time. Our routines are to be over 4 minutes long. The only routine I've ever done was less than that.

I think I'm crazy, but once you tell people you're submitting an application, you better do it right?

So here's the first challenge. I need to find a song, create a routine and record it on video by August 10. All the while hoping my wrist cooperates so I can actually accomplish this. So far, not so good. I iced my wrist all evening last night and have gone through more advil than a person should really take in the 2 days I've been at work this week.

I honestly don't think I'll get chosen to move on to the finals after the video voting, but it's worth a shot!