Monday, July 4, 2011

June Recap

Books read to date: 24/50
Pages read to date: 7300

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
Chic Fit Geek's Harry Potter Challenge has begun!
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Monthly savings: $7.79
Year-to-date savings: $223.49
(this number has gone down because my calculations were incorrect before)

Book Journey
Fantasy world of Wise Man's Fear, London
X-Men: First Class
Amazing!! I'm a huge fan of the X-Men franchise. (Wolverine for the win!) I was very excited to see how it all started. Xavier is an outstanding character and James McAvoy did a great job. Magneto was great. I love his story and Mystiques story.
If you've seen the other movies go see this one!
ps. Cameo of Hugh Jackman is well worth going to see this movie

Failed at fitness this month. I have a good excuse at least!

Life Change
I got married! If you've been following this blog a while, you've probably seen my weekly wedding posts and no doubt have seen my first "Just Married" post.