Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goal check in: 1st Quarter

I can't believe it's been 3 months already! This year is flying.
I thought I would do a check in on my goals I set in January and see if anything has happened or changed.
  1. Complete Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 - She's so mean but definitely kicks your butt
    • Didn't do more than a couple nights. I planned to do the New Rules of Lifting for Women and that's fallen off the wagon as well. Why is fitness so hard for me right now?
  2. Start a dance class
    • Signed up for Ballet and have my recital April 15. I'm so excited! The class has been great to get me out of the house and back to dance.
    • I signed up for Tap class to begin at the end of April for 8 weeks.
  3. Save more money and tighten up on a budget - We have a lot of vacations in 2013 planned
    • We've consolidated a lot of our finances so we can use a few tools to track where our money is going. We've paid off our car we bought last year. We are also being more conscious of how much we're spending eating out for lunch.
    • Frenchie just got a raise so that will help significantly
  4. Possibly find a new job - I like mine, it's just not what I was hired for
    • Working on it.
  5. Renovate the kitchen cupboards - Change the color and add better organization
    • This will be a while. I have no idea if we'll even have the money or the time to do this right now.
  6. Read 50 books! I missed by goal by 6 in 2011 but read some amazing books
    • I've already opted out of this one by lowering my goal to 40. My commute has somehow destroyed my reading time. I'm not sure if it's just busier or there are more people. Being crushed between 6 people on the train isn't conducive to reading. I put OverDrive on my IPad which has allowed me to take library ebooks out and I think that will really help.
  7. Go to church more often - I'd like to go twice a month
    • Fail on this one. I haven't gone once this quarter
  8. Do a bible study - either with friends or by myself
    • My friend Julie and I have been doing a bible study of Power of the Praying Wife over Skype together. I love it. It really helps me focus on my husband and our life.
  9. Keep in better touch with friends and family - Call friends and see family more often
    • Terrible on the friend part. Family a little better. Sister2 is moving down to the same city as Sister1 and I so I've been chatting with her a lot. Hopefully they will be down here in the next couple months permanently and I'll be able to see her more often!
  10. Meal plan weekly
    • So far so good! There's been a few weeks we've missed and those are the weeks I feel disorganized. since selling Epicure I'm definitely trying new recipes and have a wealth of healthy eating ideas. Planning just got exciting!
  11. Start teaching piano in the fall
    • Nothing happening yet. It's still too early
  12. I would like to complete my Grade 7 and Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Canada. I already completed the exams when I was in high school, so I'm basically just going through both grades myself and then move onto Grade 9. Working towards my ARCT in Pedagogy. There is SO much work to do it's going to take a few years to complete.
    • I've really fallen away from playing as often as I did in January and February. I need to kick my own butt and get back to it. I'll blame Sons of Anarchy on this. The show is just WAY to good to not watch 3 episodes a night... right?