Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Happiness Project - Lighten Up

May - Lighten Up
This month is all about lightening up. Taking time to get a project done, remember the past and make a new habit of praying. I love to sing, but it's not something I'll do while I walk to the bus in the morning. While Gretchen had Sing in the Morning as a task for her May project, I'm going with Pray in the Morning. This month is going to be a busy one. 
We're nearing our trip in June, my piano lessons are coming to a close and I'm kicking my studying into high gear to make up for the time I'm on vacation. There are 3 birthdays this month in my family, Mother's day and Race Day (first 5K!) You could say that May is lightening my busy schedule as well which is great!

Take time for a project
  • Wedding album photos
    • We got a lovely photo album as a gift and have yet to put anything in it (2 years later). It's time I use the coupon to Black's Photography for 100 prints and fill it.
  • Photos of Beta/Taylor into album
    • Beta chewed the edge of a photo album when she was about 1 year old and I always thought it would be perfect to fill it with photos of her (and now with Taylor) 
  • Garden
    • With all the information I'm reading on nutrition, the more I feel the need to grow my own vegetables.

Be a house of memories
  • organize memory boxes
    • For our wedding we got a large box for memories. It has everything in it that was used to plan and little memories from the day. I loved the idea of keeping everything in a box, so I started a long time ago, the same thing for memories long before. Mostly pictures and cards and letters. There is a large pile of things that have yet to go into those boxes.
  • Update picture frames
    • We have a lot of picture frames that are mostly of family and good times. They haven't been updated in ages! 
Pray in the morning
  • I would like to find a prayer that gets me going in the morning. Something that I can recite that makes me feel full in the morning and sets me off right.