Monday, March 30, 2009

Not feelin' it

Today was one of those days where I just didn't feel like going and working out. I think there are a few excuses for the lack of enthusiasm and motivation today. I'm tired, I'm sore, and my workout partner was away today.

I'm sore for a good reason, a fun reason. Yesterday was another pole jam with my friend. She bought herself a crash mat that sits around the base of the pole. It's 5 inches thick of glorious foam. Basically its a modified mat like the ones you used as a kid for gymnastics in gym class. It's simple, and is wonderfully safe. I made good use of it that's for sure. With that bit of safety net below me, I was able to try something new. It took some good spills onto the mat, and some bruises, but I managed to learn two new moves. No pictures yet as I need to work on the placement and be able to hold the move for more than 2 seconds. That will come with practice.

The one thing (and probably the only thing) that made me go to the gym today was the thought of have a Jugo Juice after my workout. I knew if I didn't go, there would be no point to having a protein + fresh fruit blended juice. So I went, and was counting down the exercises I had left before I could shower and be done. I hate days like today. I figure it's probably because it has been almost 6 weeks of this stage and I'm bored. My muscles aren't bored, because I'm still pushing them with more weight every 2nd time I'm at the gym. My mind is bored. I need something new. Only 2 weeks left and then I'll take a week off on the beach. After I get back from the vacation I'll shock my brain and my body into something new.

Hopefully Wednesday's workout will be much better. I've finally slept 2 full nights without waking up, so I believe Wednesday will be a good day. I'll hopefully get time to put together a new playlist on my mp3 player. That might help motivate me a little.