Sunday, September 20, 2009

IPC 2009.... I survived

I barely survived. I am in pain today, but it was all self-inflicted and worth it. As pole dancers, we are accomstomed to have some pain with nailing that new move. We are used to the fact that after a hard day of poling we will be rendered useless for a few days while our bruises heal. After learning so many new things, it's hard to let the body rest since you're so looking forward to getting back on the pole and showing off ones new mvoes.

My FI says my word of the weekend was 'wow'. As it should have been. I got to meet Jenyne Butterfly and see her dance. That in itself was worth the weekend. She is absolutely gorgeous and I've never seen anyone move the way she does. Every move flows into the next with such grace I could only dream of achieving. She is truly an inspiration.

Friday night we headed for dinner at the hotel and met a lot of new people. We then headed onto the bus with poles in it to take us first to the Roadhouse, and then to the Whiskey.

Saturday was Day 1 of studio time I managed to learn how to go from Basic Inverto to Butterfly to Flatline Scorpio.  It needs a lot of work, but I have the basics. Just need to practice it a ton. Saturday night we spent eating at the hotel again, and going out to the same bars, on the same bus. I actually got myself up on the poles at the Whiskey and had a blast showing off new things I had learned. I even won the "Greatest Rump Shaker" Award for a stint of dancing with some of the girls. HAHA It's a cute little trophy I will put up in my pole room.

Sunday came around and it was a busy, sore day. I was lucky enough to book myself in for a workshop with Jenyne. I took the Basic Invert workshop Sunday morning. I learned 4 new moves. I managed to get 3 down, and will have to wait until I'm stronger for the third.  I learned the Vixen and it's several dismounts. I learned the Jasmine and how to transition from it to the Superwoman (superman, how ever you want to name it). I learned the side climb, which has resulted in a nice bruise over my baby toe. I attempted to learn the Teddy, but to no avail. I'm not strong enough to get there just yet.

After having some lunch, I came back to the studio for pole play. I learned how to go from Gemini to Starfish to Superwoman. I had tried to learn that move last year at IPC2008 and couldn't get it. Success! I also learned how to do a headstand into a cross-leg release to pull myself up off the floor. Something new I hadn't seen before. I also learned the Pretzel spin.  It very awkward to learn, but it looks very cool once it's polished. The problem now lies in how to gracefully get out of it once you're got your feet on the floor.

I have a notebook now listing all the things I learned with details on how to do each move. I have a future list of things I want to learn. I also made a list of body conditioning moves that will help increase my strength and push me to that next level.  I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Till next year!! I hope there is a next year for sure.